Friday, January 12, 2007

Tribute to Crazy Grandmas everywhere

We got a call this morning that my great-aunt Francis died in the night. This aunt is QoWP and Janny's beloved Grandma. It is a sad thing she's gone b/c Auntie Francis was pretty amusing. And, like most old people in our family, just a little insane. You would think it had to do with her being 90, but nope she was like that all along.

The whole thing makes me hope my crazy Grandma can stick around for years to come.

Grandma who wouldn't spend more than $2 on a shirt, but regularly slips $20 into my pocket for no reason. Grandma, the teeny tiny woman who is more stubborn than a mule. My lovely little Grandma who is cute as a button and makes for great story fodder.

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