Thursday, January 11, 2007

I do... today

I saw an article in a magazine about Nicole Kidman and her hubby renewing their vows. It seems ridiculous to me. Did they not just get married? Like a week ago?

I wonder if they think they will fool the press into believing they will last if they renew their vows every few months or so. Or, they are trying to make the marriage last by separating it into smaller chunks.

Maybe, if you separate marriage into 3 months sections, it is easier to remain together. It will be the newest trend. Marriage licenses that only last a few months and then need to be renewed to remain valid another few months. It would certainly cut down on divorces.

Oh, Hollywood marriages. Isn't it sad how they can be counted in minutes, if not seconds? Or, as my brother once said, "Remember when Rene Zellweger was married for the length of a fart?"


  1. One year of celebrity marriage is like fifty in regular people years.

  2. By the way, I hope you can attend on Tuesday when Chris and I renew our vows for our year and a halfth anniversary. We're social climbers, you see, and so we're going to celebrate it like it's our seventy-fifth.


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