Monday, January 29, 2007

Celtic party

We went to the Rankin family concert last night. It was AWESOME!! We were 4 rows from the front - right in the middle. It was pretty dang cool.

We grew up listening to the Rankins. We got a tape that we almost wore out listening to on family trips. We knew all the words (or the sounds of the words at least, some were in Gaelic). When we knew they were coming to Regina for the first time since one of their brother's died, we had to go.

When we got there it was kind of surreal watching them. They are a lot older than I thought they would be. I had the picture in my head of them from their first album (in 1989) so it was a little odd. The three sisters, Cookie, Heather and Raylene, were kind of like watching three of your aunties up on stage rockin' it out. But, we can't forget Jimmy Rankin. Yum. He's like the uncle that you call uncle, but he really isn't and secretly you have a crush on him. Especially in those pants!

The band was pretty cool too. I couldn't figure out at first why there was a half circle of bullet proof glass around the drummer. That is, until he came on stage. It was there to prevent the only young people in the audience from rushing the stage. He was in his early twenties with a faux-hawk. He was very cute, but it seemed weird for him to be playing for a Celtic group.

The piano player was awesome. He was so tall and had curly hair (Shannon, you would have loved him) and he played like nobodies business. The fiddle player also kicked some ass. He and the Rankin niece played a duel on the fiddles that would have had everyone on their feet if the entire audience was not over 60.

In the end, Lyn got us the play lists from the stage and we got in line for autographs. Dad had gotten a ticket later than us, so he was sitting back a few rows and ended up sitting by someone related to the Rankins. That was exciting too.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. Even if Jimmy didn't jump across the autograph table and ask me to live with him forever. Maybe next time.


  1. I was also at this awesome concert...front row one or two seats off centre...great concert!!

  2. Hey! I saw you there!!

  3. Word on the street is that Saskatoon rocked way harder.

  4. Oooo, Roger's pretending to be Canadian by playing up the regional rivalries.

  5. Roger's going to get himself into trouble.

  6. I'm just sayin' Saskatoonies can bring it.

  7. From now on, I am calling everyone from Saskatoon a "Saskatoonie". Sweet.


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