Sunday, December 03, 2006

Long day

There is a long involved story here about lost keys and such, but I will leave that for Lyn and Ky to tell.

I took the spare keys to the bus depot in order for them to make it to Saskatoon before nightfall. I presented them to the clerk and gave him my name. He asked me to spell my last name. Now, for those of you who don't know me, it starts H-I-N-G... etcetera.

How I spelled it? H-I-J-K...

To which he replied, "Are we on Sesame Street?"


  1. Damn witty people lol

  2. You got on a roll and couldn't stop.

  3. That's great! How did he say it? Was it teasing in a friendly way or sort of condescending? 'Cause if it was a nice sort of teasing I like him.

  4. I totally did get on a roll. And then I got to "k" and was like... this isn't right. And had no idea where to go from there!!

    The guy wasn't really condescending. All the other guys were laughing too hard for him to be mean.

    But now, I keep thinking about it and getting the giggles.


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