Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Learning our colours

Tonight, Ky was telling me a cute story about a little girl who noticed that some people's skin is different colours. It reminded me of a story Mom and Dad told about when I was little.

I was a very friendly child. There was no one I wouldn't talk to. We lived in a small town and I was determined to be friends with the world. It was a different time than it is now, because I was about 4 or 5 and wandering the neighbourhood alone. While now, this would cause me panic attacks to see a child out alone (not to mention I would be forced to intervene!!), back then it was the norm.

I came home one day to announce to my parents that we had new neighbours living down the street. I said I liked them, but they had"green skin and spoke a funny language - I think English."

They were Vietnamese.


  1. It sounds like everything Ky does is cute! Sweaters, stories, etc.

  2. Ky tells cute stories. I'm cute in the sweater.

  3. Yeah, we all know that there are many things I do that aren't cute. Like the time I sneezed boogie on Lyn's dashboard. That wasn't cute.

  4. And yet saying the phrase "sneezed boogie"? That is cute!


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