Sunday, November 12, 2006

What a day it has been

I have had the most satisfying cleaning day. I went over my kitchen top to bottom (with exception of a few really gross cupboards) and tidied up everything. Now if MOSM looks in the cupboards she isn't likely to be caught in an avalanche of tupperware. (Sorry KB!)

Then I tidied my computer desk and sorted through the things that need to be filed. I didn't actually file, just made neater piles of the things that need to be filed. Like the bill from the puppies first check up. A year ago.

My house is almost completely clean. I love it. Things are sparkling. They are in order. Peace is restored again. I love it. I rocked out all afternoon to my iTunes and had a great time.

I imagine me telling you all this is much like when a person has a really satisfying poop. It's likely people don't want to know, but you just can't help but share.

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  1. I know how good having a clean house AND a good poop are. Too funny!


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