Monday, November 27, 2006

Nice co-workers

I've been stressed as hell this last few weeks. Weeks. Who am I kidding? Months. And tonight it all came to a head. I've been trying to figure out things for Dad and Christmas and Dad's wedding and still making it so I can have a life. It has not been working well. And tonight there was a loop thrown into it and I thought my head would explode.

Just as I was about to burst into tears, my coworker, Kiwi, came up to me and set a little stuffed cow on my desk. He had gotten it from his wife from something she was at, but figured I could use the pick me up. And then he gave me a little stress ball - those ones filled of beans or something that you can squeeze the ever-loving life out of. Then I did cry!!

It's funny. I could have held it together had he been mean. But it was the niceness that got me.

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