Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas approacheth

People keep asking me two questions:
  • Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
  • Have you got your Christmas decorations up?

OMG people. It's not even December. For serious.
I do not understand putting up Christmas decorations up inside while it is still November.

Putting lights up outside in November I can get. Because it is dang cold out and if you don't put them up in November, there is no chance in Hades you are getting them up any other time because your fingers will fall off. Most of the time in Saskatchewan there is a chance of frostbite in 30 seconds. 30 seconds!! You can't hang lights in that amount of time.

Now, my father and I had a tradition when I was growing up.
  • Pick the coldest day of the year. Make sure it is windy and blizzarding.
  • Put up 35 strings of lights on the house and the 20 foot tree outside the house.
  • Do this with a wooden ladder Dad built out of scraps and a 10 foot pole made of numerous hockey sticks tied together with a hook on the end.
  • Swear.
  • Cry.
  • Finish and realize that one light is burned out.
  • Repeat swearing and crying until you give up and go inside.
I have a new tradition. It's called "Leave your lights up all year round. What are you stupid?"


  1. I'm going to do something entirely outside of my paradigm. We're going to decorate for Christmas today, rather than on the day after my birthday (did you know that Lynnie's birthday is my family's traditional decorating day?). It's because it's snowy outside right now, and there's a good chance it won't look Christmassy outside once December hits.

    Also, because we're snowed in, and this give Chris a project other than "make one big supercandle from all the bits of leftover candle from last night's power outage".

  2. That's just crazy. However I can totally understand doing to prevent Chris from creating the giant candle. Hot wax and him are likely an accident waiting to happen. Suggest he try melting the wax and then jumping into it and peeling it all off like a giant snake!! That would be worth the trip to emerg.

  3. THAT was funny!!!!! ...especially now that've met him.

  4. Your stringing of the lights with your dad is the most canadian sounding thing I've heard of. It belongs in a Stuart McLean (sp?) story.


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