Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Either really brilliant, or not so much

When I was a teen, I was full of the regular teenager angst. I wrote volumes of bad poetry to express my woes that the one I loved did not love me too. (In hindsight, I am glad for that because it would mean I was living in a trailer with 4 children and very big hair.) At the end of one of my books, I wrote "Is this the end or just the end?"

Now, you must understand, in highschool I was incredibly uncool. Not only did my angst music not include Led Zepplin, it mostly consisted of Bryan Adams. I had not been exposed to the song All of My Love as far as I knew. And yet, years later when I heard the song, the lyrics were very familiar. I looked it up in my book and there it was.

I still can't decide if I had heard it somewhere and just brought it into my mind for later, or if I am really as brilliant as the songwriter for All of My Love. I'm pretty sure it is not the latter.


  1. This happens to me like every day. Your brain decides to bust something out after it's been in there gestating forever. Then I think I'm really smart and clever, but really I'm remembering a Seinfeld episode from 10 years ago. Sad, indeed.

  2. I wrote tons of angst-filled poetry, mainly all for the boyfriend I dated through high school that put me through hell and back. And then - wonder of all wonders - I later ended up married to him.

    I'm still amazed it lasted for 12 years.

    I still have the poems though! LOL

  3. Zeppelin rules! Not that you're not brilliant, but you are likely not as musically brilliant as Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.

  4. But then, didn't Lyn have a dream that was really the plot of The Shining, but she'd never seen it before?

  5. That was Ky. Grae and I sat there listening to her and freaking out about how creepy she is. Cause she's creepy.

  6. It was one of the scariest dreams I'd ever had. But it wasn't the Shining, at the same time, because it was set in the 1890s, and a butler was involved.


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