Friday, October 27, 2006

The springs are dangerous

Sometimes, my co-workers are bizarre.

At work, we use staplers. Each station is supposed to have a stapler. Regularly, the staplers go for walks. Sometimes, they even go for extended trips. It's a pain in the ass. Just when you need a stapler, you can't find one to save your Grandma from being sold into slavery.

A while back, our staplers went missing. Not one or two, but all. We started the search - other people's offices, the garbage, the back room, the fridge (well, it could happen). Finally, in frustration, I pull open the drawer in the main room. All the staplers were sitting neatly in the back corner of the drawer.

"Weird", I thought. But my co-workers are bizarre, so maybe they were trying to be efficient. Except that when I went to use the stapler, it was empty. In fact, ALL of them were empty. And because they were empty - and thus no longer useful - they were tucked away in the drawer.

Next to the box of staples.

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