Friday, October 27, 2006


I don't remember if I wet the bed when I was a kid. Well, once I wet my parents bed, but in my defense I was sleep walking and thought it was the bathroom. Anyways, my point is that I don't think I ever had rubber sheets or the things like that to prevent any permanent damage.

I am 30 and I have a plastic liner on my matress. It's not for me (I know, you're thinking "Sure, Bron" but it's true) it is preventative measures for a dog who hates me.

Monty is a problem child. He is super smart and catches on to instruction quick, but has behavioural issues that make me insane. We were away for the weekend and when I returned home, I had to go work nights. Monty hates when I work nights. I guess he's already feeling abandoned by Dad or something. So, I came back from my night shift to find the entire bottom 3rd of my bed soaked in dog pee. I thought I had shut the door, but forgot.

What I had to do at 8 in the morning was drag my matress into the tub and wash the bottom third. And then drag it into my room to let it dry. Not what I wanted to do when I was super tired anyways. Then yesterday I had a meeting in Saskatoon. I thought I shut my door but now I remember I had to get something else and forgot again. And... he peed on the bed as it leaned against the wall.

So, now I have a plastic table cloth covering my bed to prevent having to drag it into the tub anymore.

It only crinkles when I breathe.


  1. Didn't Ky's dog also used to pee on your bed (and only your bed)?

    I'm beginning to wonder if it's the dogs after all...

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  3. And of course, the fact that dogs can still smell the pee smell on the bed (even when we can no longer smell it) doesn't help. It just attracts them to keep returning to that spot.

    Might be time for a new mattress hon! Or a new dog.

    (Just kidding Monte!!!) :-)


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