Friday, October 13, 2006

Grade school crushes

These days, I have been thinking about some of the boys I once thought the sun rose and set upon. The dark haired boy from elementary school who was by far the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The red head who was a year older than I was whom I still see around the city with his adorable child. The troubled boy from Grade 9 whom my friends labelled "Mr. X" so as to be more clandestine. The other red head boy with the freckles from high school who rode a motorcycle and once hugged me in the hallway.

I have wanted to make a list of all their names - the boys I had a crush on in school - in vain hopes they "Google" their own name and stumble across me and my brilliance. Of course, they would discover a great fondness for me and call me up, ask me out and fall madly in love.

Wouldn't that be romantic?

Or, you know, creepy?


  1. Have you googled them? Just to see if they grew up well, or, you know, creepy?

  2. Cute if you end up dating one of them. Scary if they get a restraining order.

  3. Creepy I often think of those old crushes. Maybe it would be destiny!! ;)


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