Thursday, September 14, 2006

What I did on my Wednesday vacation

Yesterday, Dad and us three girls (Ky was visiting) went to our great-uncle's funeral. We travelled 4 hours to get there, went to the funeral (Dad did the eulogy - it was hysterical and he has been requested to do 3 other people's when they die), ate some sweets and then drove the 4 hours home. It was an eventful day. I was to have gone to a Union meeting and then to work, so all in all, I was quite happy uncle died and got me out of it. I do seem to have good luck with relatives dying at opportune times.

When we got home we watched the new "Pride and Prejudice". I mean, it wasn't the BBC version - with Colin Firth diving into the pool and coming out all wet and manly... sigh. Hmmm. What was I saying? Oh right, I did like this version apart from that. If you ignore the fact that none of the outfits were from the same time period as any other outfit and the fact that horrid little actress, Jenna Malone, was in it; it was quite a good movie. The music was amazing, the scenery breathtaking and the lighting was just so good.

Matthew MacFayden (Ky spelled this for me so if it is wrong, blame her) was totally scrumptuous. Even with his mullet. And Keira Knightly (while being in my top ten women I would switch for - but only in Domino) wasn't quite as annoying as I suspected.

All in all, an enjoyable day.


  1. Ugh, that's a long drive for a funeral.

    But then did get you out of work.

    Okay, I can see the benefit in it.


  2. Um. That's not the BBC version. It's the A&E one. Sorry.

  3. I pretend that the most recent version of P&P doesn't exist. Nope. Keira Knightley did not play Lizzie Bennett. Nope.

    I had this moment of panic when you were talking about going to a great-uncle's funeral and your dad speaking at it, like "What great-uncle? Who died? Why don't I know." Wait a minute: probably on your grandma's side of the family. Right. Not Uncle Frank. (Who is the only remaining great-uncle on our side of the family. Just him and Grandma left.)

  4. EG: Actually, here that's not a bad distance. Most the time, the drive is so far we end up staying over night!

    Ky: Oops. I screwed up. You knew what I meant.

    Queen: Nope, my grandma's sister's husband. No one you're related to. This time.


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