Wednesday, September 20, 2006

To me, it's winter now

I woke up all sick and dehydrated this morning. And so cold I could die. I come from a long history (ok, it was just my mother) of people who don't turn on the heat. Pretty much ever, except that we live in Saskatchewan and we have to eventually. But seriously, I woke up so cold (I almost wrote "old") I was sure I would freeze if I had to touch my feet to the floor. I had to turn on the heat. The worst part is, it's the third time I've had to do this so far. In September!!!

I just want to go back to bed. I mean really, I need to prepare for nights tomorrow. (I just tell myself that so I can go back to sleep - I'm devious that way.) However, I cannot. Dad has left for Ukraine today and Lyn and I have puppies until November 13th. A good thing, but that damn things won't let me sleep. Boo hiss.

BTW, Dad sold his condo. And made almost the exact amount he wanted for it. And, possession date is not until two days after he returns from Ukraine. That still means that Lyn and I will have to do all the packing and arranging and such, but he will be around for the rest. The cool thing is? Lyn and I get to pick out his new house if we want!!

**I did a weird spelling/placement mistake so had to change it. Sorry you missed it. I looked like a moron.


  1. I love that I hear about this stuff through bloglandia, and not, oh FROM THE MOUTH OF MY OWN FAMILY. When did it sell?
    That really puts the kibosh on my plan of squatting at his house while I'm unemployed.

  2. You need to go back to bed to get a firmer grasp on your typing skills.

  3. Oops. I guess you can see where I needed to add a word and missed. I will fix that. I got 2 hours more sleep, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

    Ky: You can squat at his place until Nov 13th. And you can help me pack!! Sorry you found out this way, I thought he would have told you.

  4. You know what this means though, don't you Ky? We're moving to England.


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