Saturday, September 30, 2006

Outsmarted again

Remember the debacle when I brought the anti-barker into the house? Yeah, it keeps getting better.

Madison doesn't care. She barks and the device shrieks. She stops. She waits patiently for the thing to shut up and then she barks again. She acknowledges the shrieking but it has no effect on her whatsoever. Monty seems a little taken aback by it, but still he's not too worried. Vicki still thinks the bookshelves are out to get her. But Maddy?? Nothing.

However, Lyn yelled at me for taking her Cheezies and quietened down quite quickly when the device went crazy. She's learning fast, that sister of mine.

Did I mention I put it on the highest setting so Lyn would stop setting it off?


  1. Sounds to me like you've found a new use for an old product. Maybe you should write the company and ask if you can get a share in patening "companion" product that can be used to quiet down siblings and children in the home!!! hahaha

  2. I totally should. However, it does nothing for the dogs!!!


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