Friday, September 15, 2006

Harmony, us?

This week, a few of us took the eharmony profile quiz. It all started with Shannon who then spread the idea to Ky and on it went to me, Lyn and others. No, we haven't all decided to troll the earth to find a mate - despite how much that would please Grandma. But the quiz turned out to be really interesting and showed quite a bit about each of our personalities. Also, it showed a good profile of the type of person we would be compatible with. (I am totally in love with the profile they said would be compatible with me. I will never find him, but I am totally in love!!)

Here are some things the profile said about me:
  • Can be best described as "usually taking care of others".
  • Here's one important truth about you: you have a tender heart. If someone is in trouble, you offer compassion and go out of your way to be helpful. If they need someone who will listen, you are trustworthy and sympathetic. And you are direct with them; when they need advice or counsel, you offer it in a straightforward, direct manner, without beating around the bush.
  • You may want
      • To feel safe and secure in social situations.
      • Straight talk and straight dealing.
      • Time away occasionally--you value your privacy
Here is my ideal mate (P.S. if you know this guy, give him my number!!) :
    It can be very important to him to do things the right way the first time.
    He tends to take charge when things need to get done.
    His friends consider him someone who can be trusted and relied upon.
    He likes to keep abreast of what's happening in the world. He is very even-tempered.
    He almost always manages to be open-minded and flexible.
    His friends all appreciate his ability to make people laugh on occasion.
    He has a great sense of humor.
    His religious faith is a key part of who he is.
    He needs to be able to share his spiritual beliefs with his partner.
    He likes spending time with family and relatives.
    Personal values are important to him.
The whole thing comes at a time when I have been thinking a great deal about where I am going in my life and with whom. (Who am I kidding? This is always what I'm thinking about.) I hate just sitting around waiting for the right guy to come by and notice that I am wonderful. And yet, I'm not actively searching for anyone, because that would mean I might have to talk to strangers. And we all know how I feel about people strangers.


  1. So you're going to have to wait for me to die off? Because you know who that description exactly describes. (Add in "Likes to blow up his hand on a regular basis," and "Sometimes people call him 'Kitty.' He's pretty sure he's okay with that.")

  2. I know. But you found him first. I would appreciate one of my own!!

  3. Sorry dear. If that man is out there I've got dibs. BikeHunk doesn't stand a chance.

    (Er...don't tell him I said that, okay???)


  4. I just spent an hour doing that test, and what did it conclude?

    "Our candidates fit into profiles that we are unable to provide you a match with. About 1/5 people do not benifit"

    Well, I don't care about their matches, but it didn't even give me a profile!!!!


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