Saturday, September 16, 2006

Driven to Distraction

I found a new televsion show I love. A British game show. So far, I watched it once and have seen a woman put 15 rubber bands around her face, a guy get wet towel snapped in the groin and another guy get shot with a paint ball gun from 15 feet away in the knee caps. I love this show.

Here is the discription:
Now that it's hip to say you have attention deficit disorder, Distraction is the game show the world demands. Four contestants compete to answer general knowledge questions while being distracted by anything from peeing on demand to watching their moms get electrocuted to being thrown around by a wrestler. What, like you wouldn't do any of that for fabulous prizes? Distraction is hosted by Jimmy Carr, who proudly continues the British tradition of humiliating contestants.

It is on the Comedy Network (for Canadians) Tuesday nights and twice on Friday.

British people are funny.


  1. And all with the hot British accents? That sounds great.

    Too bad I only have Farmervision.

  2. oh I've seen that! Only the episode I watched was a guy who had to put panties or a gotch on the right people...seriously old, naked people..I was stunned..and perhaps somewhat scarred now.

  3. I LOVE that show. One time the questions a person answered right, the more nudists had to stand with them in a phone booth.


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