Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gaw, I'm like busy and stuff

Apparently, I raised the bar so high that now people are crazy upset if I have nothing to say for a day or two. It's not like I don't have a life people. Okay, I don't, but that's not the point.

Monday, I went to the doctor and got scheduled for many, many tests. Since Mom died of uteran cancer, the doctors are very cautious of any "woman troubles" that may be in existance. Thus, causing me to panic and think I am dying quite regularily. It is all good, I am sure. I will update when I get into the doctors - sometime in November! (An aside: should a gynocologist's name really be "Abed"? Doesn't that just seem too coincidental?)

Then, I went to Dad's and helped him sort and throw out things from his garage. He put his condo up for sale and is leaving for the Ukraine next week, so it will all come down to what I can do while he's here and then what I will do when he's gone. I hope it sells quick, but I am also not looking forward to all the work I will have to do when he is gone.

Monday evening, I went out for supper with a friend from church. She was able to escape her children for a fwe hours and it gave Ky and Lyn some bonding time. We went to this cute little restaurant and were the only people in it for the 3 hours we were there. We laughed our heads off the whole time and had a blast. It was really great.

Now Tuesday is almost half done. I have done very little but did return "Take the Lead" which is a few days over due. A great movie though, so totally worth it. It made me want to dance. Much to everyone else's chagrin. Despite the line in the movie, loving to dance does not make one a dancer.

There. An update. Now everyone shut up.


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  2. Abed is better than Astirrups or Auti, no?

    One should remember these times when one next want to accuse one other of not updating enough . . .

    (Above is I deleting typo.)

  3. Too bad you didn't catch that typo.

  4. I'm not sure if he is still practicing but there used to be a Dr. Alibi in town, I always wondered how much extra they charged him for liability insurance.

  5. What? Above is I? That's not wrong. It's also not a popular construct, but it's not incorrect. Right? I don't know I took computers in college.

  6. Thank goodness you wrote. I was getting crazy upset. ;-)

    Oh man. I don't have to weigh in on typos on sentence construction, do I?

  7. Hopefully your doctor's name is a good sign that he (she?) knows what he/she is doing. lol

    Seriously though, hope all is well and I'm glad to see you back!

  8. Jason: I would be hesitant to use him for that reason alone. That's just not a good sign.

    Roger: I thought it was, but I could be wrong. Mostly it was just a chacne to mock you publicly.

    Joe: I'm glad to make you happier. Wouldn't want you getting crazy upset, would I? And no, you don't have to weigh in, you can be exempt from all sentance construction and spelling.

    Evil G: Thanks! I hope so too.


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