Thursday, August 31, 2006

What I did on my last summer night...

I went to rent a movie tonight. I was home alone and still feeling yucky, so I decided to go out and get McDonald's (shut up, I'm sick - I want comfort food) and to get a movie.

I went into the video store and looked around. About half way through wandering the shelves, I totally found the movie I wanted to watch. And then I realized... I already have it at home.


So, I'm standing in the store and I feel like I can't just leave now. I decided I had to get soemthing. I mean, I would feel stupid just walking in and walking out. I bought First Knight. And I rented another movie as well.

Sigh. Why am I such a dork??


On an aside: In the drive-thru at McDonald's Maddy jumped out the window. She is a nut case.


  1. I bought a different movie once just so I could have the preview for First Knight. It is my favourite trailor of all time. The movie itself is fairly decent but the trailor is incredible. I might watch it right now actually.

  2. You are both completely bizarre. Why should it be a problem to walk into a video store, not rent anything and walk out? And then purchasing a movie so that you can have a trailer for another movie seems equally strange.

  3. Will you please not take my girl to McD's, especially if she has started jumping out windows? Oh wait...the dog. Never mind.

  4. You've walked out of the video store with us plenty of times, when we realised that your house had better selection than Blockbuster. (Oh, how I miss your family's combined movie collection.)

  5. Shannon: I totally get that.

    Matt: You are just never going to understand. Don't worry your pretty little head over it.

    KB: Yes, the dog. Your dtr isn't quite that agile as to be sitting on my lap and jumping out windows!

    Mary: The only reason I was okay with it then was that there were many of us. And, you were all annoying the crap out of me and I couldn't wait to escape. It's different by myself.


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