Tuesday, August 15, 2006


  • It can be very disconcerting when you are not paying attention to what is going on around you and someone exclaims with much longing "I really want a crotch rocket." This can be met with much confusion until you look around and determine they mean the motorcycle and not an adult toy.
  • I have determined that my underwear is agorophobic. It is fine when alone or in my room, but once I venture out in public, it does it's best to hide as quickly as possible straight up my bum. I have tried to coax it out, but sometimes, you just have to get forceful.
  • You would think that with all the old ladies who self-report to be praying for me to find a husband, that something would have worked out by now. I think it just goes to prove that the old ladies don't have as much of an in with God as they think.
  • When travelling with people you don't know well, it is difficult to maintain the rule that the driver gets final say in what music is played. One traveller attempted for 2 hours and numerous CD's to convince me that "You'll love this one..." What about me says "I will listen to death metal and/or emo."????
  • Someone finally explained to me what "emo" is. Now I get Amanda's joke "I wish my grass was emo so that it would cut itself." I can only now truly appreciate it's brilliance.
  • You can sustain whip lash by falling asleep in church.


  1. You can also get a concussion from falling asleep in church.

  2. Yes, but I didn't this time. This time was just whip lash. Embarassing enough, I'd say.


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