Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chivalry is dead...

However, asshole-ery is alive and well.

I went to get gas earlier today. As I am leaving the gas station, my hands are full and I am balancing my purse and my wallet as well as two chocolate bars (so I could get double airmiles, shut up) and some mints. My hands are full. (I want to emphasize how loaded down I was.) So there is a man coming towards the door. He is about 55-ish and totally empty-handed. He stood outside the door and waited for me to open it. WAITED FOR ME. So, I used my hip and pushed open the door. Now, the man did not hold the door for me, instead he snuck through - pushing past me - as I held the door. Ugh.

So, to the stupid, skinny, balding, middle-age turd... (yes you, the one in the socks and sandles)... PISS OFF TO YOU.


  1. Hey... love your blog. Very funny, that actually happened to me ounce LOL... Check out my blog at take care and good luck.

  2. You could have stood at the door and said "open the door, moron, or I'll kick your lazy ass". 'Cept I'm just saying that because that's something I'd like to see someone do. Not the kicking part, the saying part.

    I did have someone - a stranger - call me lazy. Minus a million degrees in the parking lot at WalMart, M. in her car seat crying, and A. leaning against the car with a bleeding nose. I put my empty cart with another one, neatly. But not in the cart corral thing. At which point a 500lb man walks over and says "pretty lazy, don't you think, not putting it away where it belongs?".

    "Pretty stupid", I said, "provoking a potentially armed mother close to losing her mind and shooting random strangers for the hell of it". I could have gone with a lazy/weight comment, but despite the 500 pounds, he was more stupid than fat. He had the smarts to back away carefully.

  3. Damanick: Thanks for the compliment about my blog. Unfortunately, this incident happens all too often. Oh well, good fodder.

    KB: I love that you had the guts to say that to him.


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