Monday, June 19, 2006

Road to hell and all that

Today is the first sunny day that I have had off in quite some time. I have had numerous days off (I work 4 on, 4 off) but every day I have had off has been rainy, cloudy, foggy or otherwise not conducive to yard work.

Today is the day. It is noon and I have mowed the back yard, sprayed for weeds and trimmed the flowery bushes (I almost wrote buses) outside the front of my house. However, my main goal was to use my new fancy cordless hedge trimmer to tame the beasts that are my hedge by my garage. They are now 9 feet tall and threatening to take over the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, much like with the barbeque, I missed a vitally important step. I forgot to charge the battery. It needs 24 hours before it will cut through anything other than butter left in the sun too long. Piss. Now you know what will happen tomorrow at noon when I try this again, right?

It will snow.

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