Thursday, June 15, 2006

Part #5 - Our weekend project

Since Lyn and I were housesitting for KB and her dogs, Lyn had an idea to paint KB's bedroom. We had offered to do it last year for her birthday and since her birthday had come around again, it was time to do it!! So, as soon as KB hightailed it out her door, we set to work.

Lyn and I scoured the city for the right paint colour. It had to be both purple and blue, but hard to tell which. It had to match the three paintings we had for her from Iran (Dad brought them for her last year) and also all her other things. We finally found it - thanks to an adorable young guy at the paint store - and set out to get the thing done. Of course, we had to remove one wall of wallpaper (and get a steamer) and then get to work! The wallpaper tore down like it was being held up by magic and willpower alone, all except one spot which was being held onto by the wall like my grandma holds a dollar.

We cleaned the room and set to painting. We have a system. Lyn and I are expert painters. I cut in the trim and Lyn rollers the first coat. It dries, and Lyn checks for spots I missed and we cut in again - just those spots. Then I do the final coat and it is magical. Ky and Lyn got to sorting books and movies and other odds and sods while I finished up and did touch ups to the baseboards. Ky and I put the final touches on the room while Lyn was at work. It is awesome. it's a bit midevil, a bit girly, a bit modern and all very KB.

We showed it to her kids before she got home. We had to swear her daughter to secrecy upon penalty of death b/c that kid can't keep a secret to save her life. But she did it this time. I think she only did it b/c I told her she could tell her dad and her friends at school. But the kids reactions were so typical teenagers. The 14 yr old boy said "Oh... it's different. Like smaller, but bigger all at once." And the 11 yr old girl said "Where's the hanging plant?" Honey, it's dead. "Yeah, but I liked it."

KB came home last night and left a message on our machine. I think she liked it. And (if she's not against me posting her bedroom photos online) I may put the pics up here later.

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    Actually, I just got a digital camera from my sister in Victoria. And she want's pictures, and my dad wants pictures, and my friend in Edmonton wants pictures...

    Yes, I'll get pictures!
    You guys are awesome, the room is awesome, life is awesome...


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