Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Reasons cleaning takes so long

In preparation for JAG coming to visit this weekend and all the sisters being together again (cue Janet Jackson), I have been cleaning the house. I decided if it was going to be clean it should be spring clean and thus have been taking my own sweet time about it.
Tonight I tackled the bathroom. Ky said it looked like an advertisement for Garnier, but messy. It was gross. Like I've said before, sometimes Lyn and I are pigs. Anyways, I had 45 mins before I had to go with crazybarefeet (aka KB) to her kid's school's rendition of Oklahoma. (It was fantastic. Her son got to kick Jud Fry's dead body).
I didn't get the bathroom done before I had to go. Maddy slowed me down a bit. I've told people about her tendency to love to hang out in the bathtub, but I'm not sure anyone believed me. So, with my new and trusty camera, I got proof.

I am trying to clean the tub when Maddy jumps in. I clean the walls and such with her in there but when I want to clean the tub itself, she won't leave. I pick her up (with her growling and snapping at me) and put her out. I clean the tub, turn to put the rag away, turn back and she's in the tub again. She spent about 30 mins in there. Looking at the drain. That is all she does. She looks at the drain. My dog, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. I'm not going to lie; that's really messed up.

    Hey, I like the sidebar, nice.

  2. I know, she's a freak.

    Thanks, glad you like it. I figured you'd appreciate the stalker comment.

  3. This is exactly why you needed a digital camera. I love your insane dog.

  4. peelarious! And excuse me...but do I see jets in that you have a jacuzzi?!?!?! I'm coming over!

  5. Kristin, yes that's a jet you see. I'm spoiled and I have a jacuzzi. You can use it anytime. It's one of the only things that scares the dog enough to keep her out of there.

  6. That's so funny... your dogs are weird. :)


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