Thursday, May 04, 2006

All things 4

4 jobs you've held
1. Waitress at the Elephant and Castle: I was the worst waitress known to man. I worked for almost a year and a half before they slowly inched me out of the job. I was replaced by a woman who could only speak Spanish. In Saskatchewan! No one here speaks Spanish!! One of my better times was when I walked up the steps to the second floor with a pitcher of beer in one hand and a pot of coffee in the other. I tripped. The pot of coffee went over one edge onto a table, the beer over the other edge onto another table. I did NOT get fired for that.
2. Bee Keeper Assistant: I worked in Northern Saskatchewan with a bee keeper. I helped him take care of the hives, gather the supers of honey, extract them, etc. I loved every moment of it. Did that for 4 summers. Had awesome pipes for 4 months a year.
3. Guard at a Youth Prison: I worked alone with 15 boys ages 12 - 17 who were in for assault and violent crimes. I loved the kids. HATED the job. I still see the kids around and have even been protected from being stabbed b/c one of them recognized me.
4. Gas Jockey at Turbo: I was one of the first female gas jockies in the city. I was 17. People came from all over the place to see a girl pump gas. They did a little story about me. Not the kind of notariety I wanted. I got hit on a lot by disgusting 40 yr old men who thought they were hot. Blech.

4 places you've lived
1. Cumberland House: I was a baby when we moved there. We only stayed for a couple of years. My dad was the foreman for the reserve's farm. I don't remember much except for the boy who poured sand down my shirt.
2. Kindersley: Small town Saskatchewan from ages 4 - 7. I lived by the watertower and used to run away and climb as high as I could.
3. Regina: from ages 7 to 19 and then from 23 - present.
4. Saskatoon: moved there for school when I was 19. Lived in a tiny apartment where the halls smelled like cat pee. I loved it there.

4 movies you'd watch over and over
1. Raising Helen: Lame, I know. But I like it and it makes me laugh.
2. Reality Bites: One of the Gen-X movies that I love so much.
3. Italian Job: action, fast driving and Marky Mark. Plus Cherize Theron (one of my girl crushes). It's all good.
4. Dirty Dancing: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Come on. That's classic.

4 TV Shows I watch
1. House: Hugh Laurie is sexy. And mean.
2. Criminal Minds: very cool, smart and violent. I always wanted to be a forensic psychologist, but wasn't motivated (or with good enough grades) to do it. Instead, I read about it a lot.
3. Bones: two words David Boreanaz
4. Medium

4 places I’ve vacationed
1. Mexico: I won a trip about two years ago. Took the sisters and tore it up. By that I mean we suntanned, slept, ate, shopped and swam.
2. Spokane Washington: Twice a year as every year as possible. Church camp in a little camp grounds outside Spokane. It's still fun.
3. Orlando Florida: I have gone to visit my former boss (the bee keeper) and his wife in their home town. I love it there. Although, it is a little warm for me. Even in November.
4. No where else really. I don't go anywhere.

4 of my favorite dishes
1. # 57 sweet and sour pork from Langs
2. chocolate icecream
3. pork chops and rice
4. Steak and baked potatoes

4 sites I visit every day
1. Amandolyn and Ky: My two sisters and their best friend.
2. Queen of West Procrastination: she updates almost as much as me!
3. Marginally Clever: Funny guy with a sense of humour much akin to ours.
4. every other site on my blogroll really.

4 places I'd rather be right now
1. home watching Buffy
2. Ireland
3. Walmart
4. sleeping


  1. Hey thanks . . . now to devise a way to move up in the power rankings . . .

  2. That's easy. Update more often! It also helps that sometimes the other blogs talk about me. That always draws me in.


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