Monday, May 22, 2006

I hate Ky's dog

I forgot about that. I will post the rest of my weekend in a bit, but right now I need to talk about Ky's dog Davy. I brought him home with me for the week or so while Ky packs up her place and moves. I don't know what the plans are with him in the long run (as Grandma may not be able to take him back) but I figured I have three dogs right now, how hard could a fourth one be?

I forgot that it was DAVY. So far, he has repeatedly attempted to hump all the other dogs. Mostly Monty, oddly enough. Davy is like the drunk old uncle that isn't allowed to be alone in a room with any of the kids or the wives in the family. He's that dirty old man.

Also, he whines. A high pitched constant whine that breaks glass and ruptures eardrums. He's been living with Grandma who is deaf as a post and doesn't notice that he whines. So he thinks he just has to whine for hours and hours in order to be let outside or be fed or whatever.

He really is the sweetest thing on earth. When he isn't trying to rape the puppies.


  1. Oh My! Those poor puppies! I hope that they can run faster than dirty uncle Davy.

  2. My poor ol'dog. He can't help those weird impulses of his.

  3. Thank goodness Davy has a bad back and the puppies are still young and quick.

  4. I am sure the reason Davy's back is bad is due to his sporatic humping of things faster than him.


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