Thursday, May 18, 2006

7 days to 30

And I'm an idiot. I got my first sunburn of the year the day before I go to the lake for the long weekend. Bah. Now my neck is super red and my shoulders are all freckled. And my nose is red. Because we all know how attractive a red nose is to people. It's my own fault. I played out in the sun with the dogs today and then went for a long walk. Sunscreen? You might ask that, but then you truly are misled. I don't own any yet. But don't think I won't get some soon.

I leave tomorrow afternoon to head to my aunt's cabin for the long weekend. I am taking all three dogs as Dad leaves Saturday for a month in Ukraine. I am looking forward to seeing what the dogs make of the water, the squirrels, the bears... you know, the outdoors in general. I plan to lay out in the sun (I almost wrote "on my back" but I don't want people thinking inappropriate things) with my books, my music and my lack of moving of any kind. I can't wait.


  1. Red noses remind people of clowns. Who doesn't like clowns? Unless they're the sad kind.

  2. Well, I'm not sad, so maybe I will be the scary kind of clown. Maryanne, I'm going to get you while you sleep!!! Mwah hahahaha I mean, as long as the big floppy shoes and oversized pants don't get in the way. I'm not so much for the graceful.

  3. Okay, clowns are TOTALLY scary. I hate them.

    Honestly, though, just look at them. Some are clearly a danger to society. Just ask yourself, "Would I room with these people?"

    If you would, then I'm sure Rik-Rak will be your friend forever, until she decides to kill you in your sleep. The choice is yours.


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