Wednesday, March 21, 2012

C'est fini - my last blog post

It's been coming for awhile, but today I have decided.  It's over.  I'm done.

Those who've read this blog for the last 7 years have been with me through the first year of my mother's death, the breakup of my long term relationship, buying and selling many houses, having a litter of puppies and keeping half of them.

You've encouraged me during dark times, supported me in light times, laughed at my follies, cried at my failures.  You've participated as I branched out to find love, you've been part of my wedding, and you've gotten to know my husband through these pages.

But, the time has come for me to move on.  It used to be, I wrote what I was thinking here because I had no where else to put it.  Now I share my stories and my heartbreak with The Guy.  It's a private affair.

Who knows?  Maybe I'm growing.

Anyway, this isn't the place I want to be any more.  I said the other day "The Internet is boring me."  And so it is.  Real life is where I want to be for now.  That may change, but I'm happy with the decision.

I'll let you know if that changes.  For now, I just want to say thank you for coming along for the ride.

For all those who have Facebook or Twitter, feel free to friend or follow me.  (I haven't given up on the internet all together.)

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