Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I know I am loved

In an effort to look forward, I am making the choice to remember the things that make every day better.  I have been focusing on appreciating the things I have and a lot of those things are thanks to The Guy. We're coming up on 5 years together and it is because of him I'm not always curled up on the floor behind the couch hiding from the world.
When we focus on the negative things, it is easy to get overwhelmed. When we focus on the little things people do, we can see what good is out there. These are just a few ways that I know The Guy loves me.
  • Even when we've only been separated for a few minutes, his face breaks into a grin when he sees me across the room
  • Every time I walk past him, he uses it as an excuse to touch me.  Yes, it is usually to smack my butt or tickle me, but it's still reaching out
  • Almost without fail, he texts me first thing in the morning (either before I'm awake or when he gets up and I'm at work) to tell me he loves me and to wish me a good day
  • He lets me steal his iced tea because I'm too lazy to get some myself.  And, he only pretends to stab me with his fork when I do
  • He makes me a coffee and will even run me a bath to make my ease into morning better
  • He does the yard work and never complains
  • He remembers the recycling each time it's due to go out and doesn't tease me because I forgot.  Again.
No matter what happens in this life, it's the people who make the difference.  I wouldn't give up a moment of my life* with The Guy for anything.  Well, maybe a week or so if I got a million bucks for it.
But only if we could still text.

* changed from "lie" though I maintain it could have been correct.

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