Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weak bladder: tales of our four legged house guest

The last few weekends, Monty's mom Maddy has come to stay with us.  Being that she lived with me for nearly 4 years before moving in with The Guy's sister, I always love to have her visit.  The Guy? Not so much.

How can you not love this face?
Maddy is completely neurotic and a trouble maker.  Given the choice, she will play ball until she passes out from exhaustion.  She loves to give kisses, to chew her own feet, and to cuddle with whomever dislikes her most.  I love her.

However, after her first visit this month, I almost agreed with The Guy.

Sis-in-Law left early in the morning on the first weekend, so I agreed to run and pick up Maddy when I woke up.  I trundled off to the house first thing in the later part of the morning and went into the kitchen where Maddy is corralled.  She took one look at me and peed on the floor.

So far, so good.

I cleaned that up, let her out to pee, and then opened the gate to the remainder of the house.  I announced we were going for a car ride and she disappeared.  This is a dog who once flung herself with excitement into the arms of a stranger because she thought she was going in a car.

Contrasts: Maddy and Monty.
I tracked her into the master bedroom and tried to coax her out.  She didn't growl, she didn't bite... she peed.  On the duvet.  I hauled her off the bed cursing the day she was born and felt a stream of pee on my hand.  I flung her to the floor.

Gathering the duvet, I hauled it and Maddy's overnight things to my Jeep.  I went back into the house, called for the dog again, and again had to search for her.  Back in the master bedroom.

It was a cycle we were doomed to repeat.  I went in, she peed (this time on the sheets and then on me) and I chased her out.  This time, I corralled her out the door to the vehicle before I gathered the sheets up.

Finally, I got into the car smelling of pee and barely containing my frustration.  Maddy jumped onto my lap, licked my face and peed.

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