Friday, March 18, 2011

In a word: Decompress #CleverRefresh


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There is so much going on in the world that can overwhelm us.  I am bombarded by noise and pictures and screen images all day.  At night, it is all I can do to fall asleep as the day's noise goes through my mind like a bad "flash before my eyes" moment.

I swear, before I die, all I will see is LOL Catz and Tetris.

It's increasingly hard to decompress from a day like that.

I have a system I use some nights when I am desperate to de-stress and just need to be alone.  In a house with the dog who insists on being beside me at all times, this is not easy.

The Guy goes to bed early as he works early in the mornings.  He also goes to be early because he is old.  (Hi Honey!)  He tries to convince the dog to go with him, but if I'm not going too, Monty is not falling for that.  Monty is always torn between his love of sleeping and his love of me.

When I'm feeling particularly devious, I pretend I'm going to bed too.  I go into the room, wait for Monty to climb on the bed and then I shut the door.  I do this to him when I leave to work nights, so he can't tell the difference.  (Or, that is what I tell myself.)  Then, I sneak downstairs, keep all the lights turned out but one and I sit.

I don't turn the TV on.  I don't open my computer.  I just sit.  I sit and breathe deeply and be.

When my shoulders finally sink back down and my neck loosens, I know I'm okay for another day.

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