Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day: except without the family

It has been Family Day in the Skatch.  That means, the powers that be decided people should be forced to spend more time with their families.  This would be a great idea except for a few things: 1) it's February -- and too damn cold to do anything but be stuck inside with people you are related to, 2) rather than having an extra floating holiday, you are forced to take one in February, 3) it's always right around Child Tax Day which means bad families have extra money and a day off, and 4) I do not have Family Day off.

My Family Day was spent at work.  It was lovely except that chasing dysfunctional families around the city is not my idea of fun.  Also, The Guy was working and when I got home he stayed awake for about 35 minutes.  I did get to mock him for that, but it was just too short a time.

Tomorrow we are back to our regularly scheduled program where people are no longer forced to spend time with their families.  However, it's still too damn cold to do anything.


  1. Do you remember the five symptoms of dysfunctional families that we found in a newspaper clipping once? They applied to every family we knew including our own to some degree. I think dysfunctional should be graded bad, badder, baddest, worse, worser, worserest and worchestershire.

  2. "chasing dysfunctional families around the city is not my idea of fun"

    I have a feeling that's a lie.

  3. Meanwhile, Chris spent yesterday grumpy that BC has no Family Day.

    Can I mention that I love the mobile version of your blog? It works so well. How did you do that?


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