Sunday, February 06, 2011

Cuba - the saga: Week #1 Varadero

Since I've been home for 2 days now, I figured I should write something.  I mean, I've unpacked, finished the laundry, worked a night shift, reorganized the spare room, cleaned out my closet and played with the dog, so I should be doing some updating.

Thing is this: I went 2 full weeks without internet.  And I kind of liked it.

I pre-posted things for you guys so you wouldn't be bored, but I didn't check email (too much stress) or Facebook (inconsequential) or blogs.  I didn't miss much.

Okay, I did miss Facebook and wonder a bit about all the exciting things I missed those two weeks, but whatever.

Wait... I forgot the purpose of this post!


The flight down was rather traumatic as we had a seat mate who was like an 8 yr old with ADHD. Except he was 28 and not medicated.  He was up and down and back and forth and talking and singing and playing his drumsticks on his feet while hitting me with his elbow and offending the flight attendant and then hitting on her and MAKE HIM STOP!

Thankfully our hotel was one of the first stops along the way and enroute, we bonded with an awesome couple from a small town close to our city.  Turned out they were staying at the same resort so we were pumped.

Barlovento Hotel
We settled in at the hotel rather quickly.  Most days we beached in the morning, had a great lunch and then did things in the afternoon -- you know, like... napped.

The weather was great but for one afternoon and the following day.   On the non beach day, we took a double decker bus around town and explored all the nooks and crannies we could.  It was great.  Except for that part where The Guy stood up and got a tree right in the face.  Well, it was funny, but not great.

Flags at our resort 
The days we spent at the beach were wonderful.  Resort dogs were everywhere and one even slept under my lounger that first day.  The only problem with the beach this time was the sand fleas and/or weird teeny tiny spidery-scorpian things that kept biting me.  One bit me directly on the tip of my nose and left a terrible blood blister that would not be tamed.  I spent the next week refusing to put my head in water and worrying that all the photos would make me look like Rudolph.  Of course it happened the first day.  I'm fine NOW.

Resort dog.  Very young and skitterish.
She did not give me fleas.  That I know of.
We did our regular tour of the town and spotted new and exciting things we hadn't seen before.  Like camels!  And Snoop Dog performing in the park.

Random camel

Snoop Dog rockin' it out.
The best part about the trip was the food.  People always complain about the food being bland, but that is a myth.  If you know where to go and you eat local cuisine, you're a rock star.  I have never eaten so well or so much.  And the best part?  NO GLUTEN!  Apart from the bread and the pasta, nothing - I repeat NOTHING - has wheat in it.  I felt the healthiest I have been since I was diagnosed.

The first 4 days was nothing short of amazing.  I met great people, had a group skinny dipping in the ocean in the middle of the night, ate myself sick and had pina colodas to die for.  Also, I wore a bikini for the first time in 10 years and, I must say, I rocked it out!

I would go back to Cuba in a heart beat.  Some people don't like it, but they are the kindest people I have met.  They are definitely our kind of people.  Also, no Americans!

Selected pics here.
All pics on Flickr.


  1. You guys had a wonderful time obviously. Your pictures were awesome, especially of the cruise ship and old man on the dock.

  2. You know Wade always complains that I talk to strangers. . . . but that's how we met Larry and Michelle!

  3. Dad: It was amazing. If only they took immigrants!

    Kel: We beat you to it this time. Michelle and I bonded on the bus over our hatred of Drummer Boy.

  4. You were on a bus with them before I met them in the airport parking lot?

  5. Dang, and I was so proud for making a friend before you.


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