Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cuba the saga: Week #1 -- Havana

This time, we took a three day trip to Havana.  We had been there once before on a day excursion and it ws not nearly enough.  Since then, SiL has been there 3 or 4 times, so we used her as our tour guide and translator.  Despite how much work it was for her, she did an amazing job and we had an amazing time.

There isn't anything I don't love about Old Havana.  I love the architecture -- falling apart or being rebuilt -- it is some of the most gorgeous buildings of all time.  I could wander each and every street without problem.  Though, some are a little more "real" than others.

Recently renovated building in Plaze Vieja.
Windows in Old Havana.
Every day is laundry day.
We stayed in a hotel in Old Havana.  It's called a hostel, but isn't how we normally think of them.  These hotels charge a bit more, but half the money goes to restoring the other old buildings.  It was a gorgeous hotel and a beautiful room.  And then we saw our beds.  The Guy's feet hung almost a full foot off the end.

Twin beds.  ROMANTIC.
However, the roof top terrace more than made up for the teeny little beds.

Roof top terrace look out.
On one of our days, we revisited San Cristobal -- one of the most beautiful churches in Old Havana.  This time, we decided to climb to the top of the bell tower.  It was a wonderful and terrible idea.

San Cristobal
It was amazingly beautiful, but a little intense coming back down.

Bell -- halfway up
Picture by The Guy.
This was the view coming down.  It caused more than it's share of nervousness.

Hello down there.
We did many other exciting things.  We went to the market (and bought a gorgeous painting), we ran in the rain, we had real Cuban hot chocolate, and visited the newer side of Havana.  Including The Hotel National, Hotel Habana Libre, and walked the Malecon from Old Havana.

We also found a couple of the greatest, most inexpensive restaurants ever.  The entire bill for 4 people was $30 including tip!!

I also got to hug some puppies.  We watched this little guy almost get run over by a cart.  The lady who owned him reamed out the driver of the cart.  She was very attached to the little guy.  The husband?  Not so much.

Wittle, wittle, baby.
And, I got the chance to relax with my hubby.

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  1. It was a fabulous trip! Next time, we'll actually go in some of the galleries and museums. I think you'd like them. We'll probably have to park Wade at Cuban Bushwakkers though!

    I am never climbing that stupid church again. Unless they install a rapelling wall and I can get down that way.


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