Saturday, January 01, 2011

My year in tweets

Someone had the idea to list 25 of their favourite tweets they did this year.  I don't know if I have 25, but I have a lot.  Since some of you will have missed them or forgotten them, I thought it would be fun.  You know, to remind you all how funny I am.

Okay, yes, I may need constant validation.  Shut up!  No, you're insecure.


My top tweets (that I could find):
  1. Oct 23 - Most of my conversations with my husband end with me sighing deeply and saying "And then, Your Honour, I stabbed him."
  2. Oct 17 - I am my own whoopee cushion.
  3. Jan 28 - When I hear classical music playing in a public restroom, I feel I should be doing something a lot more impressive than I am.
  4. Dec 9 - There was a bug on me that moved each time I tried to catch him. Finally realized it was a spot on my glasses. I have 2 university degrees.
  5. Dec 21 - If I don't get world domination for Christmas, then there is no Santa Claus.
  6. Jan 5 - Is it just me or, after a long workout, do you lay on the floor with a package of bacon and cry? 
  7. April 17 - Have you ever blown your nose on a hotel towel & folded it back neatly on the shelf? Me neither, but I'm bringing my own towels from now on.
  8. May 15 - My feet are so cold. I cannot wait to crawl into a warm bed and wake The Guy out of a dead sleep with them.
  9. Aug 17 - If this day got any worse, my hair would be on fire and I would have a front wedgie.
  10. Feb 19 - My hair is so cute today, it's a shame I'm married.
  11. Mar 7 - Follow up: Do not smell the hotel mattress. I repeat. Do not smell the hotel mattress.

Hey, look at that.  I did a top 11 for the upcoming 2011.  Nice.


  1. You ARE funny! Thanx for this ~ I needed a laugh this morning.

  2. Now this is are a hoot!

  3. Shouldn't you have posted your top 2011 tweets for 2011?

  4. Oh, my everloving God. I just about peed. Finally got to read this. Thanks for the laugh this afternoon!


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