Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A little "different" but in a nice way #reverb10

December 8 Beautifully different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different - you'll find they're what make you beautiful. (Prompt by @chookooloonks)

I've always been a little different.  When I was younger, I didn't see that as a good thing.  I bucked against it like horse in a pen too small.  I copied things from others that I wished I was like and attempted to mold myself into them.  When I didn't succeed, I put up a wall of anger against those who would not accept me for the person I was trying to be.

Now, I've grown in to me.  It took me over 20 years from the irritating 10 yr old to someone comfortable in her skin and in her differences.

Here are the things about me that are different and, because of that, beautiful.

  • I am taller than most people.  I am also bigger.  I jokingly call it "built like a brick shit house" but it's more than that.  I am substantial. (And I don't mean that as a nice way of calling myself fat.)  I have hips and a stomach and breasts.  I am a woman.  I am durable, sturdy, and still abundantly female.
  • I say what I am thinking.  Often when I am thinking it and before I think about the consequences of saying it.  In some ways, this sets me apart from others because of my quick mind and constant commentary that runs through my head and (just as quickly) out my mouth.
  • When I laugh, I laugh. If I find something funny, I throw back my head and bust a gut.  Without fear, without shame, without thought.

It took me years to like the person I've become.  I'm different, but that's the best part.


  1. You are a wonderful woman and a wonderful daughter. I am so proud of you.

  2. I like those things about you too! I like very similar things about me.


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