Friday, November 12, 2010

How "butt" leads to "gluten" and vice versa

Last night, Janny and I hit the town.  We had ourselves a monstrous supper at Montana's where the waitress plopped my meal in front of me with a "1/4 chicken no gluten" like as though other people order chicken with gluten.  After eating too much and both wishing we had brought our eatin' pants, we decided to kill some time before the movie by hitting up the local Chapters.

I mean, on a night out on the town, a bookstore should always be involved.

We wandered around and I loaded up on sale items and the most expensive date book ever.  Then, we checked out the new computers they had installed for items search.  Janny commented on how the computers were Macs, but had no Mac icons.  I noted it had no mouse and for the life of me I didn't know how to get from one area of the page to another.

We figured we should try a search to figure it out.  Being that we are both of the most mature sort, we entered the word "butt".

A couple of books showed up (like The Time My Butt Exploded -- awesome!) and the screen showed there were more pages of options.  We tabbed around and pushed the arrows, etc.  It was so frustrating.

Finally, I stabbed my finger at the screen on the arrow showing more pages.  It moved!  I got super excited.  Just then, a staff person came by to offer some assistance.  We assured him we had figured it out, so were fine.  He moved on.

Then I looked at what was on the second page.  Gluten Free Cookbooks!  I looked at Janny and said "How did it get to Gluten Free stuff?  How did it know?"

Janny replied, "Well, we did type in butt".

It was then we heard the staff person burst out laughing.  I guess he hadn't moved on very far.


For clarification: the author of the Gluten cookbooks is named Butt.  Also, I figured it was fair that "butt" would lead to "gluten" because, for me, "gluten" always leads to "butt".


The last post was my 2,000 post.  I love that it is about Remembrance Day.

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