Friday, November 05, 2010

Freedom of speech

Today, I spoke to the media for the first time.  I was speaking on behalf of a coallition of unions and representing some very underpaid people.  Let me get this straight though.  I am well paid.  In the last 2 years, my agency has received the wages we should have been receiving from the beginning.  This allows me to speak on other's behalf as I was once in their shoes and understand the importance of the change to wage parity*.

I spoke to that with two news groups and three radio groups.

Not even 3 hours later, one of the radio groups messed with my recording and made it sound like I was complaining about *my* wage.

So, now I'm angry at the press.  I'm feeling betrayed and -- where I had been feeling like a champion for the powerless -- I now feel like a first class chump.

So, if you hear Gormly go on about me on his "news talk" show, know this:  That's not what I said.

I just hope to God the television people do a better job.  Sigh.

Update: I can't spell.  Thanks to JAG for reminding me that it is "parity" not "parody" though technically, with those wages, it could be either!


  1. Gormley is an **%. Any person with any type of critical thinking skills takes what he says with a grain of salt the size of a salt lick for cows.

  2. Anonymous said exactly what I was going to say. Gormley is a freaking chump. Forget what he says.

  3. I used to work very closely with Gormo. He's a good guy, and if you met him in a situation where you weren't talking politics or labour relations, you'd likely find him charming and not at all what you expect.

    Talk radio is a form of entertainment... which is not to say he doesn't believe what he says. He just delivers it in a way that people who hold different beliefs find infuriating. Which is kind of the point of the medium.

  4. It wasn't actually Gormly himself, but an affiliate. Sarah Mills of CJME. She spliced my interview incorrectly, put it on the radio and then wrote a piece where she did the same. Everyone else got it right. Just her. And I'm at a loss.

  5. Apologies to Gormley, then. Hopefully if you bring your concerns to CJME, Sarah Mills can do something of a retraction or correction.

  6. You should be grateful you have a job in these tough economic times!

    (I am sassy today!)

  7. Suck it, Roger! (You're sassy, but I'm just bitchy)

  8. I've had this happen to me, when CBC interviewed me about UofR raising tuition several years ago. They took the most out-of-context tiny thing I said and only put that in, making it sound like I said the opposite of what I really said.

    I severely mistrust sound bites now, as a result of that.


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