Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sucker for punishment: blogging and dog walking

I'm not sure what I'm thinking, but I decided to sign up for November blog month.  I started last year doing stories about my life and then... you know, got distracted.  So, I will try and finish up some of those stories and make myself interesting again.  It's been awhile.

So, let's see how it goes, shall we?  I have 2 conferences during that time and a bunch of other things, so I really hope I can do it.


Today, I took Monty out for a walk.  It's been 2 days since the snow-bomb that hit our city and it finally stopped being windy and disgusting.  I figured I needed to take him out since he's been as house bound as I have for the last week.

Last year, I bought a great pair of boots.  They are warm as can be, so I'm pumped.  However, I've found that unless you get the ugly 35 lb Sorrell boots, you cannot get both warmth AND grip.

We walked out to the road and went to start our walk.  I threw the ball a couple of times and then the obvious happened.  My legs shot out from under me and I landed on butt.  And my arm.  And my head.

Monty saw his moment and made a run for it.  I finally caught up with him 2 blocks later -- after he terrorized 2 neighbourhood dogs and a lady trying to get into her car.  He was thrilled at having been free for 6 whole minutes.  It was the walk of his life.

In other news: my butt hurts.


  1. Do you think that people in countries without snow and ice find other things to slip on?

  2. Like banana peels and rotten fig leaves? (The way I see it, bananas grow in places without snow and ice, and I've DEFINITELY slipped on a rotten fig leaf in my backyard on this oh-so-tropical island.)

  3. Eventhere, who was wearing the fig leaf at the time?

  4. Ow, man! Are you ok? At least you know Monty always has your back and is only concerned for your wellbeing. No, wait....


Crap monkies say "what?"