Sunday, October 31, 2010

Honesty in a smurf

I heart Halloween.  It's a well known factHere and here and here.  I enjoy it so much that my friends all know they can bring their kids to see me on the big day because I will fawn all over them and feed them candy.

When I lived in my old house, I reconnected with a friend from high school and her husband.  (Story here and here)  Then they had "Neighbour baby" and I fell in love.

Last year, she came by the new house in her outfit as Eyore.  So, when Used-To-Be Neighbour Lady called to say she was bringing her over this year, I couldn't wait.

She was a smurf.  White felt hat, blue sleeves, white dress, blue leggings and holding a little smurf toy.  So cute!  She came in, showed me her costume and promptly ignored me as she and Monty chased each other all over the house. 

After 15 minutes, Monty jumped onto the couch and passed out cold.  I teased her that she made him tired. 

In solemnness, she looked at me and said "Yes, I do wear people out."



  2. Didn't you get a picture? Well, smurf one up ASAP!


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