Monday, August 02, 2010

Casper's Corner

On the corner of one of the streets near our house, there lives Casper.  Casper is a white curly dog of some sort.  He sits on his step and watches the world go by.  Every kid in the neighbourhood knows him and visits daily.  He is rarely without a friend or two. 

We walk past Casper every day.  Casper would bark and spin, and bark and bow, hoping that Monty would be brave enough to come play.  Monty would bark and cower, and bark and lunge, so I figured it would be useless.  However, I decided they needed to at least be cordial so I decided to introduce them. 

One day, while we were walking by, I walked purposefully up onto their lawn.  I spun Monty around and put his butt to Casper's head and head to Casper's butt so they could get to know each other.  (This is not some perverted thing, it's dog science.)  Monty immediately tried to put his tail down and cowered to Casper.  Casper liked Monty just fine and just let Monty be however he needed to be. 

For a week, we followed this same pattern.  We would walk up, they would sniff each other, Monty would act a little scared, Casper would act nonchalant and we would carry on. 

Then one day, Monty was off his leash.  He ran up to Casper, stood patiently for Casper to sniff him and then they just happily sat looking at each other.  They didn't play (Monty doesn't know how) but it was clear that Monty has a bit of a man crush on Casper.  Now, every day, Monty goes looking for Casper when we round that corner.  Casper is always pleased to see him.

Tonight, Monty ran up to Casper as usual.  They walked around each other a few times as I chatted with Casper's owner.  Then I looked over.  To see Casper lift his leg and pee right on Monty.

I guess that means Casper has a crush on him too?

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  1. So if Monty pees on Casper does that mean they are engaged?


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