Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I seem to talk about "poop" a lot

Most people get to this website by looking up "woman pooping pants in public".  Nice.  I'm so glad that this post is the thing I am going to be known for.

So, out of curiosity, I searched the word "poop" to see how many times it comes up on my blog.  Wanna know how many?  63.  SIXTY THREE POSTS ABOUT POOP.

OMG, dudes.  You would think I have a debilitating disease involving my intestines. 

Actually though, and this may or may not be to my credit, most of my posts are about dog poop. 

In case you were wondering, I decided to make a label so that all the poop posts are in one place.  Poop!  You're welcome.


  1. D'ya think anyone gives

  2. I go from one post that makes me cry to this one that makes me laugh out loud. I've only just woken up and been full a full spectrum of emotions! Now I can just ride the rest of the day on a wave of apathy! Sweet.


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