Thursday, July 22, 2010

How I got a Rider license plate

When the Riders announced they were making license plates, I immediately started planning my purchase.  The Guy's birthday was coming up and it would be perfect.

On the day we could finally order them, I got up early (from after a night shift) and headed to the local insurance agency.  I walked in and walked straight into The Guy.  Busted!  He beat me to it and ordered one for himself. 

Frustrated that I had been thwarted, I decided to get one for my Alberta brother.  I placed my order and waited.  FOR EVER...

After some mix ups, they finally sent our plates.  The Guy got his plate which was composed of the number of a good player and the number of the year the Riders won the Grey Cup.  He was thrilled.

And then I opened the one I was going to send to my brother.  And I burst out laughing.  I knew immediately I would have to keep it for myself.  Only a month before, I had turned 34 and the rest...  it was too funny not to keep.  My brother would have to fend for himself.

Inappropriate Rider plate.  All mine.
I'm such a teenage boy that this makes me laugh every time I see it.


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