Thursday, July 15, 2010

Books and Old Spice

I had a busy day yesterday.

I unpacked some boxes of books I had not gotten to (this is what happens when you move from a house with 6 book shelves to a house with one) because LynnieC brought me a bookshelf with her when she moved in.  I'm keeping it.

downstairs bookshelf

See how good it looks?
upstairs book shelf
Opening a few boxes became reorganizing the bookshelf upstairs and downstairs and then all the boxes in the garage.  I packed up 8 boxes to give to the RSO book sale in the fall.  It was a big day.

Today, I have been so tired I can hardly do anything.  I made the bed and needed to sit down.  I've been sick for 5 weeks now on and off.  I think I over did it yesterday.

***** *****

So I laid in bed for most of the day.  And then, I found this via Tyler Has Nothing To Say.  The Old Spice Man.  I have seen the commercials and loved him.  He (not to mention the writers of his spots) is hilarious.  Not to mention gorgeous.  I spent over an hour watching his responses to fans from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  It was awesome.  If you are going to watch one or two: go to this one or to his response to George Stephanopoulos about Obama.  I laughed out loud more than once.


  1. There shall be no more Old Spice replies to tweets. :( Good while it lasted.

  2. What happened to the second matching bookshelf? How can you live without 6 bookshelves?

  3. Janny: I know. I wish I'd found it before it ended. I would have liked a reply from him.

    Dad: it's in Wade's office for his supplies. I'm learning to weed out books I don't care about or will never read again. It's not too bad.


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