Friday, June 11, 2010

One week to Ukraine

I haven't mentioned it to many people, but I am going to Ukraine.  In a week from today, I will start the 18 hour journey to the other side of the ocean where there aren't clean toilets in public places.  Oh, and my father lives there.

I have never been to Europe.  Trust that the first time I go isn't even to the cool part.  I'm going to Ukraine.  Home of the perogy (which I can't eat anymore) and my dad.  He's been there for 3 years and I thought it was time to go see him.  My sister planned her trip first and made me seriously consider going.  I mean, it's better to go to a strange place when someone else will be there to make it easier. 

I don't travel well.  I inherited my mother's love of being at home.  In my house.  Really, truthfully, if I didn't have to leave my house to go to work I wouldn't.  I get homesick still if I'm gone for more than a few days and I miss my dog dreadfully.  Not to mention my husband!  We were apart for 8 days when I went to go visit Ky inn February and we didn't like that one bit.  Now I'm gone for 2 weeks!

I am really excited to see my dad.  I want to visit his village and see his house and the neighbours he talks about all the time.  I want to meet his granddaughter, Masha, who has stolen his heart and meet his wife's sons who have taken Dad as one of their own.  I want to play with his dogs and walk along his walking path.  I want to be in their home.

But holy crap do I wish it was somewhere I didn't have to go through New York airport to see.


  1. You'll be fine! And even if there are some hiccups, just think of the stories you'll be able to tell. It's half the fun of travelling!! Your connection could be worse - at least they speak English in New York...

  2. I get all teary when I think about you going to the Ukraine ... good teary, not bad teary! I too was thinking about you getting a glimpse of his life as it is now. I'm so happy that you and Ky will be there together! Have a wonderful time. I am REALLY looking forward to reading all the stories that will come of this trip!

  3. Ky has an inn? Is that where you're staying?

  4. We'll definitely expect lots and lots of tales and pictures.
    Have a relatively uneventful flight and a wonderful time with your dad.
    PS Hi from us, please!

  5. Jamie: I was pretty pumped to think of my place as an Inn. You are welcome to come to it in Victoria any time.

  6. We are waiting for you, my girl!
    And I hope your sore throat disappears. If you are on special antibiotics, you may want to bring 10 days worth with you, just in case we can't find them here.

  7. Wait. Are you even there now?

    I'll wait on the step.


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