Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm having an affair

With the Lime flavoured Slurpee.

I haven't seen it before, so I think it's new, but considering my usual choices for Slurpees are Sprite, Orange and Grape, it is possible I just never branched out this far before. 

This lime could be my new favourite.  Which of course means they will discontinue it immediately. 

Now, my American friends will not truly know what I am talking about.  I've had American Slurpees and they are a sad, pathetic, second-hand take on real Slurpees.  So, if you think I've lost my mind, you need to book a flight to your nearest Canadian 7-11 and learn what life is about.  If you won't do that then just shush your mouth.

I ordered the small lime slurpee because I wasn't too sure what I would think about it.  Two sips in and I was about to turn around back into the store and just take the whole machine home with me.  I almost finished the thing before we got to the house.  I needed a moment alone with it to truly savour how awesome the tart but sweet treat was.  It was a party in my mouth and only I was invited.

The discovery of this has been the best part of my week.


  1. Slurpees are gluten free?

  2. Lime slurpees & lime popcicles are the best treat evah!

  3. Lime is time (if you can find it) try Dr.Pepper or one of the trademarked cola products with lime on top. Mmmmmm....

  4. They have always had lime slurpees any time I went for one. Sure could use a slurpee machine on hot days here.

  5. I remember having lime slurpees as a kid so, don't worry, I'm sure they are here to stay. What's my favorite? Well it's Dr. Pepper thanks for asking. I haven't had one in years though. I may have to remedy that. Because it's 25 degrees here. Ha.

  6. The question is, how would it taste if you added tequila and salt?


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