Thursday, May 13, 2010

I killed a ladybug today. I think that's a cardinal sin.

We are still working on the backyard.  Correction.  The Guy is still working on the backyard.  I'm trying to help whenever I can find something to do that won't put my back out for three weeks.  I'm such an old lady.

He has been busting his butt for weeks now.  We have the hugest backyard in the history of backyards.  And, since the people who owned our backyard before us SUCKED, it's been the most evil backyard in the world.

Last summer, it was the summer of 5 foot thistles.  This summer, it's the  summer of dead weeds, new weeds, and acres of space needing to be filled.  The Guy has been busy edging the yard from hell.  Bit by bit, he lays down the material along the edges which will keep the weeds to a minimum, stakes it in place, and then shovels load after load of rocks into the wheelbarrow.

It's starting to look like a real yard.  Sure, it's still miles of dirt with a nice rock ring, but it's getting there.  The fence is finished this week and there will be grass some day. 

Thank God for The Guy.  Or I would have to pay someone to do all this crap!


  1. Is there part of your backyard you've hidden from me?

  2. Are you planting flowers too or shrubs in and among your rocks?

  3. Janny: "Acre" might have been just for effect.

    Dad: shrubs here and there for now. Will add as time goes on. Will try and take pictures


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