Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Three in one day, aren't you blessed?

It wasn't going to be three posts in one day, but I accidentally hit publish on the last one and now I can't sleep.  Not that I can't sleep because I hit publish, because I totally could let that go.  I mean, it's not like it happens all the time and I was expecting not to have to post tomorrow because I had this thing written and then I hit a button out of habit really and now my plans are ruined.  That's not it.  This time.

Monday was a buggering crap-tacular day if there ever was one.  You know that book about the kid named Alexander who had a bad day?  My day took Alexander's day and gave it an enema.  With a coat hanger.  A wire coat hanger.  That was how bad my day was. 

The day didn't end as horribly as it began -- which is a good thing or you would be reading a story on the news tomorrow (today) about this woman who went stark raving mad and beat the living tar out of everyone she ever met.  I was very angry today in a Hulk sort of way where I am surprised my clothes didn't burst off of me in a fit of huge angry growth hormones while I ripped off someone's leg and beat them to death with it.

Did I mention I'm PMSing too?  It's a great combination.  Please come see me if you want a punch in the throat. 

The day was a miserable b!tch of a day that was punctuated by me leaving the room to cry out of absolute anger.  I am weird that way.  Get me angry and I will burst into tears and cry the entire time I am mad at you. 

I had settled down eventually, being that I immediately left the location of my terrible, no good, I will kill you, stupid asshat day and went to spend time with The Guy and some friends.  I got good conversation, lots of a support and a healthy dose of emotional eating.  Then, I jumped on a plane to Edmonton to meet up with the sister LynnieC and start the process of packing.  We stayed up too late watching Glee, episodes of So You Think You Can Dance from the last 2 seasons and then reading for awhile.

Once the lights went out, the horribleness of the beginning of my day came back to me.  Within half an hour, I was livid with rage and my stomach was in knots.  So, I decided to get up in an attempt to quell the angry beast inside me.  I figured a few hours on Cute Overload would help.  Puppies always help.
Monty embarrassed by his fly-away hair.*

*I'm embarrassed about my lack of camera skills.  It was with the auto setting even!!


  1. I'm sorry you had such a sucky day yesterday. I can relate to the desire to punch someone in the throat; I've been experiencing that more often, too. I'm not sure if that news will make you feel any better, give that there are now at least 2 of us walking the streets of Regina looking for an opportunity to strike out, but at least you know you're not alone.
    Oh, and the crying because you're so incredibly angry? Yeah, put me down for that one, too. It's a vicious cycle - get so angry that I have tears, and then I get more angry because I'm crying because I'm so angry, which means even more tears, which means even more rage, which ... Yup, vicious cycle.

  2. Oh, my gaw. I found you through the Junk Drawer, and I am now in love.

    An enema with a wire coathanger? I'm totally stealing that.

    I cry too when I'm angry, and it's the most frustrating thing ever. It's hard to take someone seriously when their voice is all quivery.

    Nice to meet you.

  3. Rae: Dude, we are a dangerous pair. No wonder I love you!

    JD: Glad to meet you! Go ahead and use the coat hanger line. Days like this deserve an accurate description.

  4. Some days I am glad we are on opposite sides of the pond. Family are the easiest ones to punch in the throat.
    Love and hugs.


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