Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ima bake bread now

I broke down the other week and bought a loaf of gluten free bread.  I wanted to eat a cold meatloaf sandwich and everyone knows you can't do that without bread.  It was a 4x2x2 loaf of rice bread for $8.  I set it on the counter with a heavy clunk (it was frozen) and laughed.  The Guy brought out his loaf of bread that was 12x5x4 that was $2.  It was pathetic.

I thawed the bread and looked at it.  It was spongy and weird.  I put together my meatloaf (made with quinoa instead of oats) sandwich and sat down to eat.  Huh.  It tasted spongy, but not terrible.  It was a sandwich, but I knew, that loaf of bread was not much worth $8.

I was inspired by my sister Ky to attempt to make my own bread.  She bought a Celimix package (which would make 6 loaves at a mere $2 a piece) and baked her own.  I thought, Ky has an idea here!

I bought the package, and the yeast and made a plan. 
Mix and yeast.
 I have never baked bread before.  I mean, without my Mom's help.  So, I followed the instructions which were pretty easy, and mixed the yeast and watch it do it's thing.

I had no idea yeast smelled SO EFFING TERRIBLE.  But, there is was.  It smelled bad.  And I'm going to have to eat it some later.  Yummy.
Mix, all mixed.
So, I mixed the mix together.  Stirred it just like it told me to.  And then I poured it into bread pan and prepared to wait.  It said to wait until it rose just to the brim of the pan... Ky says that's about an hour.
Mix getting ready to rise.
So, I'm watching Season 3 of Supernatural (Dean! *sigh*), eating ice cream, and waiting.

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I have Celimix Pancake Mix that is good (anything is good if you soak it in enough maple syrup!)and a Glutano Bread and Cake Mix that I haven't tried yet. I have a friend who has a good bread recipe that she makes from scratch. If you want to try something different, let me know and I'll get it from her. Hope your bread turned out yummy!!

  2. Yeast smells terrible when it is just yeast. But when you bake the bread, the alcohol produced by the yeast is what gives bread that to die for smell.

  3. the celimix stuff needs to be eaten fresh- after a few days its not so good. i usually grate it and bake it on top of a casserole with butter and cheese


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