Friday, April 09, 2010

Dogs are better than babies. Down Syndrome midgets are second.

The Guy will often chase the dog around the house, swoop him up into his arms, and cradle him on his back like a baby.  Monty alternately hates and loves this game.  He frantically tries to escape his rocking position, but his tail wags like crazy.  All the while, The Guy croons "Who's the baby?"  (He is going to KILL me for writing that,, but seriously, how cute!?)

One day, I was watching them and commented.

Me: You know, we could just have a real baby and then Monty wouldn't hate you.

The Guy: True, but Monty is cute and little.

Me: Yes, but a baby is cute and little too.

The Guy: But Monty will be cute and little forever.

Me: Maybe we could have a Down Syndrome baby.   They are adorable and stay cute forever.  Wait!  Maybe we could have a Down Syndrome midget baby!!*  Then the baby would be cute and little forever!

The Guy: ...

Me: What?  That's a perfectly acceptable option.

The Guy: I think we should just stick with the dog for now.

Me: Fine.  Party pooper.

Sometimes, I'm not sure The Guy knows what to do with me.

*Yes, I'm aware I will likely go to hell for this and/or be chased and linched by numerous groups for my horribleness.  Meh.


  1. As long as you're aware of the fact that you're going to hell for this post...

    For reals.

  2. Certainly you will go to Hell, but only for a Short time.

  3. The more I read your writings, the more I realize that we think on totally different levels. Very entertaining, you are.

  4. bwahahaha. Amazing.

    (do I have to do time in hell just for laughing hysterically at this post?)

  5. Sonja: I'm surprised you are still speaking to me by now.

    Eventhere: I'm STUNNED that you laughed. I'm impressed, but stunned.

  6. Yep, the post was funnier than the title (and the title was pretty damn funny)!

    As far as going to hell - I always quote Mark Twain "Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." Wise, wise man...

  7. You're so wrong for this...

    But I have a saying for conversations like that: Party in the Handbasket! If you're going to hell you might as well have a good time...


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